Though they’re all under 21, See Plus brings an aged professionalism to the stage that adds to their energetic and youthful attitudes. Miles Dellaha, Jake Linsalata, Nick Tabakci and Alex Fiume hail from Rutherford, New Jersey, less than 10 miles from New York City. Childhood friends Miles and Jake discovered music in school classes together. The two met Nick through a teacher and things instantly clicked. From there, Alex invited the three to play a charity show, and the group stuck together to begin writing original music. The band shares an enthusiasm for heavy hitting groups like the Arctic Monkeys and Nirvana, and their feelings for the experimentalism of Radiohead and Sonic Youth blend to form an indelible ‘watermark’ on See Plus‘ music. Their indie rock stories from a personal perspective convey experiences that are pertinent to their personal geography, but universally relatable. Growing up in a suburban town, See Plus sees life from the side where the grass isn’t always so green, but at the end of the day, it’s still just turf. From basement gigs to winning local battle of the bands competitions, See Plus have been playing sell out shows and making memorable impressions. Their debut self titled EP is 3 tracks showing the band’s diversity, with both fuzzy riffs and somber melodies. 

meet the band

miles dellaha

guitar & vocals

“hey guys, i know we have a show tomorrow but i’m sick … again”

jake linsalata

bass & vocals

“this next one’s about… wait what’s this one about?”

nick tabakci

lead guitar

“ok google how do i cure illiteracy”

alex fiume


“the metronome is only a suggestion”

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