by Tim Louie, the Aquarian Weekly (8/22/18)

Kids playing music! I love it! And the kicker is that they are from North Jersey! I saw that these kids were playing the Debonair Music Hall in Teaneck, NJ this Sunday (8/26), so I decided to give them a listen. The name of the band is See Plus. They must have been just above average students in high school or something. Anyway, I’m noticing that this garage rock sound is becoming a thing again in Jersey. A lot of newer bands coming out of the Dirty Jersey are having a similar sound and I can’t blame it on the production, but these kids seem to have it, and it didn’t suck at all. I got to listen to songs like “Staples at 7:20”, “Keep It” and “Bogo”, which all proved that these kids were pretty mature as songwriters. The more I listened to these songs, the more I got it.

  See Plus is made up of guitarist and singer Miles Dellaha, bassist and singer Jake Linsalata, lead guitarist Nick Tabakci and drummer Alex Fiume. These young lads grew up just outside of New York City in the little town of Rutherford, where they met in middle school and became firm friends through their shared love of Brisk Ice Tea, Marvel movies, and of course, music, with each of them having their own unique influence. The quartet bonded over a shared enthusiasm for rockers like the Foo FightersGreen DayJack White and post-punk sounds which made their way into See Plus’ music. See Plus writes indie rock stories from a personal perspective and experiences here in the Dirty Jersey, but universally relatable.

  It’s been a remarkable 2018 for the band. They went from garage gigs to biker bars to performing local benefit shows. See Plus seems to have been playing sell out shows wherever they play, making memorable impressions whenever they play. The band is currently performing to support their current self-titled EP featuring the songs “Staples at 7:20”, “Keep It” and “Bogo”. You can catch See Plus this Sunday at Debonair Music Hall in Teaneck with Station, Dead End and Lobster Chicken. You can also catch them at Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ on September 15. For info on See Plus, visit