the album cover, featuring the sputnik-1 spacecraft

¬®this new ep, pool of tar, shows what we’ve learned as musicians and on behalf of all of see plus, we’d like to thank you for your support over the past couple of months, and hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor.¬®

high school slow dance

high school slow dance is a tune about how the days that pass often come to be monotone, repetitive, and ephemeral, but despite your efforts to make a change, it still seems as if you’ve barely made any progress towards anything meaningful.

chemical burns

chemical burns tells the story of how we sometimes blindly care for people who are actually manipulative and controlling, deep beneath their skin. clare close is this character that represents those who show no care for the sake of others, and act solely for their own good.

january walkout

january walkout is about someone who ventures out into the new jersey snowscape in the dead of night after a quarrel with their parents. it’s gone through many changes and iterations, but the one we’ve released is a version we’ve all put tremendous effort into, and are extremely proud to share with you.

did you know that the sputnik-1 spacecraft moved at over 18,000 miles per hour before it burnt up? that’s 300 miles per minute, or 5 miles per second!