STAPLES @ 7:20

“Kids playing music! I love it! And the kicker is that they are from North Jersey! I saw that these kids were playing the Debonair Music Hall in Teaneck, NJ this Sunday (8/26), so I decided to give them a listen. The name of the band is See Plus. They must have been just above average students in high school or something. Anyway, I’m noticing that this garage rock sound is becoming a thing again in Jersey. A lot of newer bands coming out of the Dirty Jersey are having a similar sound and I can’t blame it on the production, but these kids seem to have it, and it didn’t suck at all. I got to listen to songs like “Staples at 7:20”, “Keep It” and “Bogo”, which all proved that these kids were pretty mature as songwriters. The more I listened to these songs, the more I got it.” -Tim Louie, the Aquarian Weekly